Copper Single Multicore Flexible Cable

K.M CABLES & CONDUCTORS is manufacturing a new range of electrical wires known as PVC/FRLS/HR Insulated Single/Multi core cables, which provides additional safety and security. The wires bear the mark of IS: 694: 1990.

Each wire is fabricated using 99.97% pure, electrolytic grade, bright-annealed bare copper with more than 100% conductivity. Copper guarantees higher percentage of electrical energy saving which eventually helps in reducing the electricity bills. The conductor is made of multiple strands of finely drawn copper wires thereby offering greater flexibility, which makes these wires ideal for conduit wiring.

This FR PVC compound has a high oxygen and temperature index. The wires are wadded with a flame retardant (FR) PVC compound, which helps to control the spread of fire even at very high temperature. It also protects against electrical shock and short circuit. All wires are subjected to high voltage spark testing to ensure that no weak spots are there in the insulation.