LT PVC XLPE Power Control Cable

LT PVC / XLPE Power Cables are available in different combinations with us, such as Aluminum, Copper Conductors, Round Solid conductor, stranded conductors, sector shaped conductors, taped inner sheath, extruded inner sheath, round steel and aluminum wire/flat galvanized steel strip armoured/ unarmoured, single/ double outer sheathed, etc. are available. We provide types of insulation that includes - PVC, HR PVC and XLPE. The inner & outer sheaths can be PVC, HR PVC, FRLS, HR-FRLS or FR depending upon the application and requirement of customers.

Features K.M CABLES & CONDUCTORS manufactures different types with combinations of specifications as mentioned above as per IS 1554 Part I for cables upto 1100V and IS 1554 Part II for 3300V.

LT PVC /XLPE Power Cables are used under ground as well as overhead transmission of power in –

  • Power plants

  • Industries

  • Various other projects

  • All electrical installations.