Silicone Rubber EPR Insulated Cable & wire

Silicon rubber insulated cables are used in electric utilities such as the generation and transmission of electricity. Long service life under normal environment in Nuclear and conventionally powered generating stations plus safety considerations are the significant factors of these electric appliances. When exposed to fire, Silicon offers circuit integrity, low smoke evolution, and freedom from halogen acids. (For e.g. Boilers, Electric Furnaces, Cokd Ovens, Driers, Bakeries, Blast Furnaces & High Furnace Generator)

K.M CABLES & CONDUCTORS offers a complete range of Silicon Rubber insulated wires & cables from 0.25 sq. mm to 240 sq. mm, Silicon rubber insulated wires are used where ever ambient temperature is very high upto 220°C combined with high dielectric breakdown when compared to ordinary PVC / Rubber insulation. ‘K.M CABLES & CONDUCTORS’ Silicon insulated wires are made as per IS 9968 part 1 & 2, which specifies working voltage of 1100V, however special insulation thickness wires are also available with construction as per customer requirement. We also offer multicore Silicon insulated cables with various choices of outer sheath coatings as per customer requirements. For temperature - more than 220°C, we offer silicon insulated conductor single & multicore with overall coating of Silicon rubber, this gives greater flexibility to the final cable while maintaining high temperature.

EPR/PCP & VIR Insulated & TRS Sheathed Cables:
K.M CABLES & CONDUCTORS offers a complete range of EPR/PCP/TRS Sheathed elastrometric trailing round flexible cables, which are heat resistant, oil resistant & flame retardant wires & cables from 0.25 sq. mm to 240 sq. mm Single & Multi Core Cables Upto 1100 Volts CONF:IS 9968 Part 1 (1988).


  • Steel Mills

  • EOT Cranes

  • Airport Lighting

  • Ships

  • Nuclear & Thermal Power Stations

  • Wind Power Mills

  • Electrical Machines

  • Textile Machines

  • Construction Equipments

  • Turbines