Photovoltaic Solar dc cable

Solar cable acts has a connector between solar panels and other electrical components used photovoltaic power generation. Being an efficient company K M Cables and conductors are one of the leading solar cable manufacturer in India. We manufacture and supply many types of wire and cable that are used to address the requirements of solar power generation, distribution and transmission.

Features of Solar cable –

  • • Resistant to ozone, tear, Impact, whether, acids, alkaline, mineral oils and abrasion.
  • • Voltage 1.5 (1.8) KV DC / 0.6/1.0 (1.2) KV AC
  • • Minimum bending radius 4 times of overall diameter
  • • Lasts up to 30 years
  • • Full protection against ultraviolet rays
  • • In accordance to environmental regulation
  • • Easy installation with color identification
  • • Suitable to common connectors