Thermocouple Compensating Cables

Used to extend thermocouple circuits from the sensor to reference unit, Generally manufactured with conductor sizes 16, 18 & 20 AWG and conforming to IS: 8784, BS: 4937, IEC-584, ANSI: MC: 96.1, DIN, JIS

Conductor : Solid/stranded
Type: KX, VX, TX, JX, EX, SX/RX
Insulation: PVC –HR; PE, LSZH
Shielding: Individual & overall or overall screen only by Al-mylar tape/copper tape/copper wire braid
Inner sheath: PVC –HR/FR/FRLS; PE, LSZH
Armour (for armoured cables): Galvanized steel round wire/strip
Outer sheath: PVC –HR/FR/FRLS; PE, LSZH